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5 Reasons why you need a Corporate Identity

You want your customers to recognize your products and buy them to increase your sales and revenue. But, why do you need to create a brand identity system? Why do you need more than just a logo and consistent marketing materials? Here are the reasons why:

Why you need a Corporate Identity #1: You are Established

Customers tend to shy away from new businesses because they have not yet established a good reputation. In order to counter this, show that you are serious about business through your professionalism. Professional business cards and a well designed logo makes you look as though you have been in business for quite some time.

Why you need a Corporate Identity #2: Be Memorable

If your logo and corporate identity is memorable, people will become familiar with your brand and trust the name. A client may remember seeing your logo at an event or function and that shows that other people are using your products. This all creates trust and leads to more sales.

Why you need a Corporate Identity #3: Attract more Clients

Clients are attracted by different elements of your brand. Your logo may create the impression of being a modern, fast-moving business, whilst others may appreciate your slogans and professional look. Carefully research what type of client you want to attract and then focus on what may appeal to them.

Why you need a Corporate Identity #4: Create an Image

If you hand out home-printed business cards and leaflets, people will expect the same kind of product or service from you and rather take their business elsewhere. Through your corporate identity, you can look bigger and more established than what you are. Show them that you are a professional and mean business.

Why you need a Corporate Identity #5: Commitment & Personal Pride

Having a corporate identity shows your commitment and adds a sense of personal pride to your business. It will have the same effect on you, increase your confidence and even the worth you attach to your business.

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